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Providing your children the most secure items since 2005.


Tim Spencer

In October 2020, Safe & Sound Mobility Solutions now JAX Mobility became Jackloc’s Canadian distributor and recently became the United States distributor. Jackloc's products have become a trusted product in the commercial industry, protecting buildings like Hotels and Colleges. Consider Jackloc for Commercial Premises, Healthcare, Education and Housing. 

We became involved with Jackloc because of the need to find a device that will prevent flight risk children from leaving their homes on all levels of the house. Parents didn’t want their windows closed all the time and, on the occasions when their windows were opened, parents were constantly worried about their little escape artists finding an opportunity to leave the house without supervision. Jackloc's window restrictors protect your children that range from little ones that are crawling to older children who need protection against elopement as they get older.

Protecting children at any age or ability requires a reliable window lock, tested to UK Standards and backed with a 10 year Warranty. 

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